2017 Newsletter
Alan's Guide Service
2017 a Year to Remember
As I start this letter, I want to reflect a bit on what guiding, my job, means to me and to give a special thanks to those who make it
possible. Guiding someone onto their first fish, no matter the species or size, to me, is one of the most enjoyable things about
my job. But, whether it be their first fish or their 100th fish, I am just as excited for them. The joy on a person’s face when they
actually put a fish in the net is PRICELESS!!!  So with that being said, I would like to thank all of you for making my job so
enjoyable and for being a big part of Alan’s Guide Service. Sometimes you are referred to as clients but I consider each and
every one of you FRIENDS. Another special thank you goes out to my wife and kids. As always, they have been there in support of
my guiding for a living and putting up with all that comes with it. Last but not least, my sponsors. Without their support and the
high quality equipment they provide, Alan’s Guide Service would not be able to provide the type of service I demand from myself.
Those companies and businesses include, Willie Boats, Pautzke Bait Company, PLine, Douglas Outdoors, Owner Hooks,
Daiwa Reels, ABU Garcia, Dick Nite Spoons, Yakima Baits and locally, Mad River Manufacturing, RMI Outdoors, Bucksport
Sporting Goods and England Marine. Please support these businesses whenever you can and if you get a chance, please tell
them I sent you. Thanks and now onto our season in review.

Winter Steelhead
As we started into our Winter Steelhead fishing in December of 2016, we already had a pretty good idea that we were in for a
long wet winter and that is exactly what unfolded. We received a good amount of rain late October through November and it just
kept coming all through our winter months of 2017. Fishing wise, we had some really tough conditions most of the time, with a
lot of our fishing being done up North on the Smith and Chetco rivers. Many days were BLOWN OUT because the rivers were just
too high and dirty. Sometimes Mother Nature unleashes and this was one of those years. But on the good side, when we were
able to get on the water, the fishing was pretty darn good with quite a few LARGE steelhead being landed throughout the
season. There were at least 8-10 steelhead in the 18-25lb. class confirmed. That is a WORLD CLASS steelhead for sure.
Looking forward, I believe we will have another good number of fish enter the systems this season. Let’s hope Mother Nature
gives us a few more chances to chase them this season than were given last year.


June is Rainbow Trout time for me. My softball season has ended and school is out. Great time to bring the kids over for some
Trout action on the Sacramento River in Redding. This year we had plenty of water and cold water at that. Fishing was solid with
many fish in the 2-4lb. class being landed. These fish are super fun to catch and the weather in Redding is beautiful this time of
year. Sometimes it does get rather warm but starting early allows us to fish under cooler conditions. These fish are hard fighters
and provide plenty of action. Lots of fun for sure. Light gear makes it even better.

Klamath and Rogue River Fishing

This year I was given the unique opportunity to purchase a permit for a section of river on the Rogue out of Gold Beach. The
timing of this could not have been any better. A BIG THANK YOU goes out to my buddy, Craig Sutton, for selling me his permit.
Craig is looking to retire soon and the only way to acquire this permit is to buy it from another guide. As most of you know, we put
that permit to good use. Back tracking a bit, I did fish the Klamath for about 20 days up until August 15. This is when the closure
to the take of salmon took place. Fishing up to that point was a bit slow to good as time progressed. We did have a couple great
days just before I moved operations to the Rogue. As for the Rogue, it started out a bit slow for me. I had a learning curve to fight
through with tide water fishing. Not having done a whole lot of it over the years, it took a while for me to get dialed in. I feel way
more confident now. It’s always fun learning something new. Thanks to those of you who worked with me through the new
fishery. After tidewater, we headed upriver where I feel much more at home. The fishing was OUTSTANDING and the scenery
was beautiful. Very similar in many aspects to the Klamath. One thing I want to touch on is the fact that everyone in Gold Beach
and on the river that I came in contact with was SUPER NICE and very FRIENDLY. It was a lot of fun both on and off the river. I am
sure everyone is wondering, where I will be fishing next season. The answer, I will be fishing both systems once again.
Depending on what kind of quota they issue or don’t issue on the Klamath will dictate how long I stay before I move operations
to Gold Beach. Always striving to put you on the best body of water that I can.

Late Fall Salmon
As I write this, we are in the heart of the Late Fall run of Chinook. Things have been much different than last season. First no rain
and low and clear conditions, then lots of rain with high and off color water. In between, we have seen just spurts of Kings in each
of the systems we fish. Only a couple of good pushes of fish have entered so far. We are hoping that with the system that is on us
right now, that when the rivers come back down, most of them have a decent push of fish. Fingers crossed for good luck.

In Closing
As the year comes to an end, I would like to wish everyone Happy Holidays and also a Happy New Year!!! I look forward to
another great year of fishing with all of you. I really appreciate the friendships that have been built - old and new. For any of you
wondering what to get a loved one or maybe you are an employer looking for some sort of gift for an employee, Gift Certificates
are available for a fun day on the water. Thanks again and I will see you on the water.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!