Mark Hullinger with a nice Klamath
River King.

Kelley Patton with her 1st ever Smith
River steelhead. With a liitle help
from husband Kevin

Mike and Jonas with a fatty Rainbow
from the Sacramento River.
Salmon season starts out fishing the Klamath in May for Springers, and continues on
into early July when we then start to make the transition into the fall season for Salmon
on both the Klamath and Trinity Rivers. When our first heavy rains hit, we then make our
move to the Smith River. Salmon fishing usually lasts through November. The Klamath
and Trinity River fish average between 8 to 15 pounds, with fish also being caught in the
20 to 30 pound class. The Smith River fish average a bit higher, between 15 to 25
pounds. This is one of only a few rivers in California that allows an angler to have a
chance at a fish in the 40 pound class and above.

Steelhead fishing begins in January for winter Steelhead and lasts all the way through
the end of March. We fish all the northcoast rivers as conditions allow. One of the best
things about being in this area is that we have the Smith river just a short drive away,
and a chance at catching a steelhead in the 20 pound class. August brings steelhead
fishing to the Klamath/Trinity River systems, and continues through November or until
we get those first heavy rains. This unique fishery offers the angler a chance at both
half-pounders and adult Steelhead in the 6 to 10 pound class. We offer both
conventional gear fishing as well as fly fishing for these silver bullets. The weather and
scenery at this time of the year are absolutely beautiful and mild.

Trout fishing on the Sacramento River is pretty much a year round fishery. The only thing
that really dictates the river as being fishable or not is whether the flows from Keswick
dam are ramped up or at a fishable level. With that being said, I concentrate my efforts
on the months of May through July. These fish are absolutely beautiful and there are lots
of them. A great fishery for all but especially for those beginners and kids. The weather
is usually very cooperative and the fish are good biters. The fish range from 1-5 pounds
with an occasional fish over 5 pounds. I use a number of different tactics to fish for
these beauties. Light tackle gear fishing and fly fishing being the most popular.
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