Annual Newsletter

2020 What a Year

Starting off, I would like to wish everyone good health. With times being as they are, all we can do is keep moving forward and help each other out as much as possible, in whatever way that might be. We will get through this – stay strong and never give up. Moving on, I would like to, as always, thank everyone who fished with me over the course of the year. I truly appreciate each and every one of you. The friendships just keep growing with each year that passes. You make my job fun and exciting, which in turn, allows me to say, my job doesn’t feel like a job but more like a day on the water with good friends. Also, I want to thank all of my sponsors for their continued support because without them, the top quality equipment that I get to use, would not be possible. Those sponsors include, Douglas Rods, Willie Boats, Atlas Mike’s, Owner Hooks, PLine, Shimano, Beckman, Dick Nite, RMI, Mad River Manufacturing and BnR. So, people, if you are in the market for any of these products, please give these businesses your patronage. You won’t be disappointed.

Winter Steelhead

This past years Winter steelhead started out a bit slow with the lack of rainfall and low rivers. Fishing was tough to start with but as the ball got rolling and the weather finally made it to the North Coast, things picked up in a hurry. Fishing remained steady throughout much of the rest of the season and seemed to get stronger as we headed into March. As most of our rivers closed on March 31, with the exception of the Smith, Klamath, Trinity and Main Stem Eel river, the fishing continued to be steady until the rains quit and the rivers began to drop out and get to low. Overall, it was a good season, just started later than normal because Mother Nature delayed our storms a couple weeks.

Trout and Kokanee

This is such a fun fishery. Fun for both kids and adults. The fishing on the Sacramento River for the Trout was, as usual, colorful and plentiful. It’s always amazing to me that every fish can and does have its own unique look and colors. So much fun on light gear. This year, I added a new twist to my season in Redding. The addition of Kokanee fishing on Whiskeytown Lake. I have to tell you, if you are looking to put something on the table, this is your fishery. Although they are not huge, in my opinion, these fish are hard to beat for taste. Simply incredible. So now there are options when you come to Redding to fish with me and I am in the works trying to add yet another option. TBA. Gotta keep you all guessing!!


Definitely some ups and downs along the way in this fishery on both systems. We all knew going into this year that we were most likely not going to have a huge allotment of fish to choose from on the Klamath. The Rogue, on the other hand, was supposed to have a much better return. Again, for whatever reason, the fish were late. Salmon on the Klamath, number wise, was low as expected. Jack counts were decent. Steelhead wise, August was OFF THE HOOK good for almost 3 weeks. This made for some really fun days! As for the Rogue. It started out slow, as I said earlier, then it came on pretty strong in the estuary with some really nice fish in the 20-30 pound class and continued to fish good into October. I am thinking the upcoming season should be good on both systems. We are definitely due for a strong return.

Late Fall Salmon

Before I get into this further, let me add that there were and still are plenty of fish in the system, the rivers are just super low and clear at the moment.  For the second year in a row, Mother Nature has not been cooperative, to say the least. We literally had one storm that brought enough rain to open the rivers and give us an opportunity to fish for these MONSTERS for 1 week. It was a good week but short lived.  As I write this, we are still waiting on another strong storm system to hit the North Coast. Please pray for rain!

In Closing

I want to wish everyone a safe and Happy Holiday Season and a Joyous New Year! Let’s all work together to get back on our feet and have a healthy 2021. Here at Alan’s Guide Service we will strive to do what it takes to be safe both on and off the water and to provide you with a quality trip down the river.

Don’t forget, for that special occasion or for just the heck of it, I have gift certificates available.

Thanks and Tight Lines,


P.S. As we all know, COVID has pretty taken precedence over most everything in 2020. So with that being said, rest assure Alan’s Guide service will be taking the precautionary measures needed to keep you as safe a possible. Hand sanitizer and facial coverings will be available for use both on the water and in our vehicles during transportation. If you feel sick or have a fever, please let me know prior to your trip. Thank you.