Drift Boat:
You will be fishing from either a 18′ x 60″ 2017 Willie Diamondizer Drift Boat or a 16′ x 61″ Pavati Guardian Drift Boat. Both boats are fully equipped for your comfort and ease of fishing and comfortably fish up to three people, plus the you guide.

Jet Boat:
The jet boat is a 2012 24’x7′ Willie Predator. Fully equipped and ready for a fun day on the river. This boat has all of the amenities and seats up to 6 people comfortably. Willie Boats really out did themselves on this one. Visit them at

Both of these approaches to a day on the river, whether it be in a drift boat or jet boat, have their own uniqueness to them in their ability to cover water and the different settings that they put you in. Whether your preference is the drift boat, or the jet boat, you can be rest assured that we will give you 100% effort on the water as well as an honest opinion on conditions and the prospects of the current fishing success on the river.