Easing back into it amidst COVID

May 23, 2020

As things start to ease up a bit on this whole Pandemic situation, I want to take a minute to put everyone at ease as we start to hit the water again and start fishing. I will have all of the essential items onboard for your safety – soap, hand sanitizer and gloves. You can use them at your convenience. Please bring your own face mask. I will also be selling custom sunshields (which can be used as face coverings as shown in my picture) with Alan’s Guide Service imprinted on them for $10 each. Not that this will be anything different, but each angler will also be assigned a rod for the day. Even in the past, not many times does a person give up their rod once they pick that one for the day. My boat and equipment will be cleaned and sanitized at the end of each day ready for the next fishing day. Anyway, as we ease our way back into a more normal routine, I hope everyone feels safe knowing that Alan’s Guide Service will be providing a safe environment and an enjoyable day on the water.

Published by Alan Borges

Northern California professional fishing guide specializing in salmon, steelhead, trout and kokanee.

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